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(In this section we will describe what steps you can expect next)

Step 1: Schedule a Phone Call With Us to Discuss Your Concrete Coating Project

If all information during our phone call lines up we will then move to Step 2, which is to schedule an “In-Person Assessment” to view the floor in person and conduct moisture and hardness tests to determine if your concrete floor is in good enough condition for a successful concrete coating and to give you a complete Estimate for your project. 

Step 2: Schedule an In-Person Assessment of Your Concrete Floor

During our phone call we will get a time set up for an In-Person Assessment to come and see the concrete floor to conduct tests and assess the condition of the floor in great detail. 

Learn more about the “5 Key Cost Factors for Pricing a Concrete Flooring Project”.   

Step 3: Schedule Your Install Date

If all the tests and our visual assessment of your concrete floor come back positive we can then set up a date to come and do the concrete coating installation. 

This install process is generally completed in 1-day. Our team will work with you to make sure you are ready to go on the day of the install. 

Do you need help with moving or storing the items from your garage before we arrive on install day?  Let us know and we can discuss options for how to move and store your items on-site while we install your concrete coating. 

Enjoy Your New Floor!

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The 5 Key Cost Factors for Pricing a Concrete Coating

FACTOR 1: The Condition of the Existing Floor

The way your concrete floor looks now can change the project’s price. Things that matter are if there are cracks, if it has a coating already, how hard it is, and if it’s wet or damp.

FACTOR 2: Material & Product

When choosing a coating for concrete surfaces, consider your budget and space usage, with options ranging from affordable DIY kits to professionally installed materials like polyurea coatings.

FACTOR 3: Surface Prep

For the best results and long-lasting coating, professional surface preparation, whether through acid etching, chemical washes, or grinding, is essential and can affect project time and cost.

FACTOR 4: Add-Ons & Customization

Customizations like color selection, seamless floors, and slip-resistant additives can extend production time and raise the overall project cost.

FACTOR 5: Time & Materials

Concrete coating costs are determined by labor hours and materials, fluctuating based on the space’s size and any additional customizations, establishing the base cost per square foot.

The Cost of a Concrete Coating Project

How much does a concrete coating actually cost?

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